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The Difference between Colonics and Enema Explained

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Colonics or Enema? What Do I Need?

Is Enema The Same Thing as Colonics or Is It Different?

Colonics and enema are considered by people who are concerned about the state of their digestive and bowel systems. But people often wonder what the difference between is between colonics and enema. Both process, colonics and enemas are therapies that involve introducing water into the colon through to rectum in order to do colon cleansing.

But although colonics and enemas are the same in that sense, there are some key differences between colonics and enemas:

First of all, colonics cleanse the entire length of the colon whereas enemas only cleanse the lower part of the colon, the sigmoid and part of the descending colon. Enemas also slightly differ from colonics since they are given primarily to help detox the bloodstream and are not solely for the purpose of trying to cleanse the colon.

Colonics also involve multiple infusions of water into the colon whereas enemas involve a single infusion of water into the colon.

With colonics, fecal matter leaves the body via a tube. The client does not however see or smell the fecal matter during the session and at the end of the session, the client usually sits on a toilet, and usually passes any residual water and stools.

An enema on the other hand involves the one-time infusion of water. It sits in the lower part of the colon for a period of time, and then the person sits on the toilet.

Colonics also must be administered by a trained colon hydro therapist and requires professional equipment and enemas do not have to be administered by a professional. Disposable enema kits are available in drugstores and online.

In terms of price, enemas are a lot cheaper because you give them to yourself; usually, an enema bag would cost you about ten dollars and is indefinitely reusable while colonics cost anywhere from 30 to 75 dollars a session.

Enemas and colonics can accomplish exactly the same beneficial work. But colonics accomplish more improvement in less time compared enemas for several reasons. During a colonic from 30 to 50 gallons of water are flushed through the large intestines, usually in a repetitive series of fill-ups followed by flushing with a continuous flow of water. This efficiency cannot even be approached with an enema. But by repeating the enema three times in close succession a satisfactory colon cleanse can be achieved. Persisted with long enough, enemas will clean the colon every bit as well as a colonic machine can.

Enemas are given at home so it takes a lot less time than travelling to receive a colonics at someone’s clinic, and can be done entirely at your own convenience–a great advantage when fasting because you can save your energy for internal healing. But colonics are more appropriate for some. There are fasters who are unable to give themselves an enema either because their arms are too short and their body is too long and they lack flexibility, or because of a physical handicap or they can’t confront their colon, so they let someone else do it. Some don’t have the motivation to give themselves a little discomfort but are comfortable with someone else doing it to them. Some very sick people are too weak to do their own colon cleansing, so they should find someone to assist them with an at-home enema or have someone take them to a colonic therapist.

Correctly given, enemas and especially colonics serve as strengthening exercises for the colon. This long tubular muscle is repeatedly and completely filled with water, inducing it to vigorously exercise while evacuating itself multiple times. The result is a great increase in muscle tone, acceleration of peristalsis and eventually, after several dozens of repetitions, a considerable reduction of transit time. Well-done enemas work the colon somewhat less effectively and do not improve muscle tone quite as much as colonics.

Additionally, there is a growing number of individuals who will also use an enema as a way to derive sexual pleasure with their partner. Usually the people using it for this reason are interested in inducing a form of pain or punishment during a domination style of sex.

So before you rush out to have either procedure done, make sure you look into the differences between the two and what benefits they promote. It may be helpful to speak to someone who specializes in either treatment so you can get a good idea what to expect beforehand. It will make the process much more relaxed and prevent you from experiencing any discomfort.

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  1. Serena says:

    I started to do colonics when I was doing cleanses twice a year. During the 21 or 28day cleanse I would go weekly, to help remove the waste and toxins quickly. Now I do them more often. I consider them an internal shower.

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