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Is Colonic Hydrotherapy Safe?

What Can Go Wrong with Colonic Hydrotherapy?

What To You need yo know about Colonic Hydrotherapy!

A colonic uses water to remove waste from the colon. I prefer to use the gravity method for colonic therapy. An experienced colon hydrotherapist will allow for a pleasant experience that is gentle, comfortable and modest. There are no foul odors involved in the process. The gravity method itself is a very gentle method of colon cleansing using only gravity to allow water to flow into and out of the colon simultaneously. As clean water moves into the colon, it washes and loosens hardened matter and carries it back out. A typical colonic session lasts 45 minutes to one hour.

Unless your diet is extremely clean and always has been, then you have built up waste in your colon. One way to tell if you do indeed have built up waste is to look in the mirror first thing in the morning after you have used the restroom. Pull your belly button to your spine. If you see your abdomen get very close to your spine, then you may not havea lot of built up waste. On the other hand, if you cannot get your belly button close to your spine, then you do have built up waste.

Colonics are the single most effective way of cleansing the body. Important to know is that the treatment is always the same – it’s the body that changes. It can be a very different experience for each person – some find it very relaxing & release easily, other are more sensitive & feel it at a deeper level. Any reaction you have afterwards is a direct reflection of the state of your health. The more preparation you do, the more effective the session & the longer lasting the results.

When properly administered, colon cleansing has proven to be very safe, especially with recent updates in equipment and technique. Enemas were the old-fashioned answer to the colon cleansing dilemma. Unfortunately, enemas are also to blame for many concerns over colon cleansing safety. Enemas differ from bowel irrigation in their value; enemas typically cleanse only the lower 20% of the colon. With roughly eighty percent of the large intestine left untreated by an enema, the procedure doesn’t provide the same effectiveness as modern colon hydrotherapy.

Frequent Colon Cleansing Safety Concerns

When it comes to the question of colonics and its safety, there are a number of common colon cleansing concerns:
• Pain: Some individuals base their decisions on a simple idea—does it hurt? Colon hydrotherapy is routinely described as “reinvigorating” or “refreshing.”

• Penetration of Treatments:Just how deeply the colon cleansing apparatus enters the body is another top safety concern. Enemas affect only the first eight to twelve inches of the colon. Colon cleansing treatments penetrate more deeply so as to provide a thorough cleansing for the entire length of the colon, but are relatively safe if administered by a hydrotherapy specialist.

• Risk of I

nfection: Perhaps one of the biggest concerns with colon cleansing concerns potential exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Modern advances in colon cleansing equipment, like the use of disposable pre-sterilized hoses and tips, help ensure a germ-free colon cleansing experience.

But Is Colon Cleansing Safe?

Colon irrigation promotes no direct side effects. Nonetheless, the process of eliminating toxins can cause some minor intestinal problems. Once the mucous build up begins to leave the body, minute amounts may be reabsorbed along the way. The toxin absorption can result in cold or flu like symptoms (which may include nausea, headaches, and dizziness) but will ultimately reverse itself once the outflow diminishes. In fact, getting rid of all that toxic debris can lead to increased energy, mental clarity, and overall feelings of wellbeing.

Proper Colon Cleansing

Variations in bowel irrigation techniques also promote increased safety. For example, modern hydrotherapy systems, like colon cleansing board kits, utilize temperature-controlled water for cleansing the colon. Recent developments include a specially designed speculum to assist in delivering the water into the large intestine gently to reduce the possibility of tissue damage. Additionally, colon hydrotherapy equipment also maintains the water pressure and temperature so the cleansing is conducted at a uniform rate. Therefore, via a combination of advancements in material technology and the application of the cleansing by a professional, you can be assured colon cleansing can be a very safe procedure indeed!

What to Watch Out For

The only possible risks from a colonic will come from an inexperienced colonics therapist or from using a less than gentle approach such as a method that uses electricity instead of gravity to drive a large amount of water into the colon and then suck it back out. In the gravity method, the body uses its own peristalsis to rid the waste. This is the safest form of colon hydrotherapy. Always check with your naturopathic physician before embarking on the process of colon cleansing.

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