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Natural Parasite Detoxification Methods

Contrary to what people believe, parasites are not only found in Third World countries or in those who have travelled extensively. In fact, eighty five percent of North Americans alone have at least one form of parasite. This means that nobody is actually safe or exempted from parasite infection. But what are parasites exactly? A parasite is any organism that lives on, or in the body of another organism. In humans, parasites feed on our cells, the food we eat and even on the supplements we take. Parasites play a key role in the disease process. They not only deprive the body of nutrition but their presence also compromises one’s immune system.
Who needs to undergo parasite detoxification? There are some common symptoms to watch out for in order to know whether or not you’re infected with a parasite and therefore in need of detoxification. The most common include:
•    Diarrhea and/or constipation
•    Gas, bloating and cramps
•    Rectal Itching
•    Persistent skin problems
•    Dark circles under the eyes
•    Lack of energy
•    Disturbed sleep
•    Muscle cramps or joint pain
•    Post Nasal Drip
Parasites reproduce or multiple rapidly. Hence, the sooner one eliminates or detoxifies these parasites from the human body, the lesser the damage created. A parasite detox works to naturally cleanse your system of any parasites you may have lurking in your digestive system.

Get Rid of Them! Pointers for Parasite Detoxification and Cleansing

Detoxification and Cleansing Pointer #1: Look into your diet.
As candida and parasites tend to coexist, it is wise to treat them both simultaneously. To cleanse the body of parasites requires strict adherence to an anti-candida/parasite detox diet emphasizing organic vegetables and excluding refined carbohydrates, sugar in all forms, and fermented foods.
Detoxification and Cleansing Pointer #2: Do a Colon Cleanse
A lot of parasites breed in the colon so it’s naturally important that you do a colon cleanse.  Colon cleansing is a must do step in parasite detoxification. Colon cleansing herbs is one of the common mechanisms employed in treating parasite-related problems. The most effective natural herbal colon cleansing products often include psyllium. Some other colon cleansing and detoxing herbs are:


•    Herbal tonics, tinctures, salves prepared using aloe vera leaves, ginger root, garlic, fennel, cayenne pepper and turmeric are excellent colon cleansing agents and can help kill parasites and cleanse them from the human body. Do consult a qualified naturopathic physician before undergoing a parasite detoxification process.

Intake of colon cleansing herbs should also be accompanied by a detox diet rich in fiber such as whole wheat cereals or oat bran. Similarly, a detox diet for lunch and dinner should include generous portions of organically cultivated fresh fruit and vegetables that are washed thoroughly before ingesting. One should include also in his or her detox diet an increase intake of probiotics that will aid in the digestion process and eliminate indigestion and accumulation of undigested food in the body.
•    Both ginger and garlic are natural sources of effective parasite colon cleansing mechanisms that help with digestion and destroying various microbes and parasites present in the human body. Some people use ginger teas and garlic pearls. Fresh, raw garlic, though, is best, as garlic is quite certainly the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal and anti-parasitic herb and food known.

Other Detoxification and Cleansing Pointers

Throughout the parasite detoxification treatment, one must make sure to keep his or her environment clean and hygienic.  Also make sure to cleanse your hands regularly especially before meals and drink water that is filtered or at least boiled. Another detox cleansing pointer to take note of is to de-worm pets and children to ensure that all are parasite-free and cannot spread parasites to each other and avoid eating raw meat of any kind.

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