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Heart Detoxing and Cleansing

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The heart is a muscular organ that is responsible for pumping blood throughout the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic contractions. Today, with the prevalence of heart related diseases, there’s an increased public awareness about the harmful effects of obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Heart disease is a major cause of death and the number one cause of death in the Western World. This is why detoxification and cleansing of the heart are becoming more prevalent.

The Heart Cleansing Process: How to Plan and Begin Your Heart Cleanse

A heart cleanse process combines herbal supplements, a healthy detox diet and an exercise regimen that focuses on cardiovascular health to increase general well-being.
Heart Cleansing Step 1: Decide upon the specific heart cleanse routine you want to do. There are many herbal and vitamin supplements, ranging from inexpensive to very expensive that can aid in your heart cleansing. There are also supplements that can promote heart health, like CoQ10, hawthorne extract, Omega-3 oils, vitamin C, gugulipid, L-Carnitine, Taurine, astaxanthin and most anti-oxidant compounds.
Heart Cleansing Step 2: Choose an exercise regimen that focuses on cardiovascular health, like walking or swimming or aerobics, during your heart cleanse.
Heart Cleansing Step 3: Start your cleansing during a period where you’re able to maintain your daily routines. Do your cleansing when you aren’t too stressed by activities or obligations.
Heart Cleansing Step 4: Take a multi-vitamin during your heart cleanse, preferably one that’s made from all-natural ingredients that can be easily absorbed by your body.
Heart Cleansing Step 5: Go on a Detox Diet

healthylifestyle heartA detox diet is the most important part of heart cleansing. Here are some detox diet tips to consider:

Detox Diet Tip #1: Eat foods that are heart-healthy, like organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meat and fish, beans and legumes or any other foods that are wholesome and unprocessed.

Detox Diet Tip #2: Avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium or processed during your heart cleanse. It is also a good idea to stay clear of foods containing high fructose corn syrup, saturated fats or hydrogenated oils during your heart cleanse.

Detox Diet Tip #3: Significantly reduce or eliminate alcohol and caffeine intake during your heart cleanse.
Detox Diet Tip #4: A detox diet will not be complete without the key factor in detoxification – water! Drink at least 7 to 10 glasses, each 8 oz., of distilled or purified water every day.

Heart Detoxification – Not Just A Physical Body Cleansing

Aside from doing a physical body cleansing for heart health, mental detoxification and emotional detoxification are also necessary to achieve a healthy heart. Negative emotions like worry, frustration and sadness can put you at risk of heart disease. Here are some mental and emotional exercises you can do to cleanse, detoxify and protect your most vital organ:

Detoxification Exercise #1: Think Positive

Stressful emotions account for roughly 30 percent of all heart attacks, according to research from the landmark Interheart study. Positive thinking helps with stress management hence it’s a great heart detoxification exercise to practice.
Detoxification Exercise #2: Manage your Emotions

Anger, anxiety, and depression are the main ways we channel stress, and each emotion has a profound effect on the heart, says Redford Williams, M.D., director of behavioral research at Duke University and author of In Control (Rodale, 2007). Depression is a strong negative feeling that can greatly affect your heart’s health. Some tips to lift your depression:
•    Move your body. As you work through depression, maintain an exercise schedule. Experts say exercising for 30 minutes per day, five days a week infuses the brain with feel-good chemicals.

•    Try supplements. Take 50 mg or 100 mg per day of 5-HTP (5- Hydroxytryptophan), a naturally occurring amino acid and precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. A capsule a day can boost your body’s serotonin levels and help lift depression, says Judith Orloff, M.D., author of Emotional Freedom (Harmony Books, 2009). Speak to your doctor before taking any supplements.

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  1. edward says:

    5-htp is the best supplement i’ve used for anxiety and depression. I wake feeling refreshed as well.

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