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Candida Detoxification – A Powerful Way to Cleanse Candida

Candida albicans is one of the major yeasts found in the digestive system. It usually lives in harmony with the other organisms that normally inhabit the gut.  But modern day life with high stress, high sugar, processed food diets, mineral deficiencies and the use of antibiotics can cause Candida to multiply and overgrow causing many diverse symptoms.  When it overgrows it can cause many symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, food intolerance, indigestion, heart burn and even fatigue. Many mainstream doctors do not accept that Candida can be a problem because there is no standard test that can diagnose it. Fortunately, sufferers can turn to alternative medicine that recommends a Candida detox cleanse as part of a total treatment approach to ensure that Candida will not return.

Who Should Do A Candida Detoxification and Cleansing?

Symptoms of Candida infection include fatigue, nervousness, headaches, allergies, anxiety, mood swings, frequent colds and flu, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Before you do a Candida cleansing and detoxing however, you should first get a careful diagnosis, examination, and laboratory tests to reveal confirmation that the symptoms you’re suffering are indeed due to Candida.

candida3What is a Candida Detoxification?

A Candida detoxification consists of a colon detox cleanse to get rid of any old waste matter and toxins that make the bowel unhealthy and discourage the growth of the good bacteria. A colon detox cleanse for Candida normally consists of psyllium husk seed powder, Bentonite clay and caprylic acid.

Psyllium is important in Candida cleansing and detoxification as it provides a gentle scrubbing action with the fiber. It bulks up the stool making elimination easier. Use about 1 teaspoon to 8 oz of filtered water for each cleanse.

Bentonite, in powder or liquid form, also plays a key role in Candida detoxification as it attracts toxins and absorbs them, preventing them from getting into the blood stream. This detox cleansing supplement can help prevent die off reactions from the release of Candida toxins as it is killed off.  Use 1 -2 tablespoons for each cleansing drink.

Liquid caprylic acid, a natural antifungal obtained from coconut oil, is also important in Candida detoxification. It is usually added to the cleanse, held in the gel formed from the psyllium and water and is dispersed throughout the length of the digestive tract. Add 1 teaspoonful – 1 tablespoon to the psyllium and bentonite mixture and shake up well in a lidded container and drink immediately.

Garlic is another useful addition in Candida detoxification because its active substance allicin attacks the surface of the Candida cell interfering with its ability to thrive.

Probiotics are also an essential part of the Candida detoxification to repopulate the bowel with good bacteria that keep the yeast in check. Look for a high potency dairy free, multistrain one.

What is a Candida Detox Diet?

An anti-Candida detox diet plays an important part in the body’s detoxification program.  In an anti-Candida detox diet, measures are taken to starve the body of some basic elements of diet which are supposed to stimulate the growth of these pathogenic yeasts. While performing a Candida cleanse, cut off for at least a week foods rich in refined sugar as sugar promotes the growth of such yeasts. Consumption of fruits however is permitted but in a more controlled proportion after a week in the Candida cleansing and detoxification process.

Another important feature of the anti-Candida detox diet is it aims at the restricted use of carbohydrate intake. Starchy foods should be avoided while low carbohydrate foods like meat, turkey, chicken, non-starchy vegetables are included in the detox diet. According to experts, less than 60% of carbohydrate intake should be allowed for first few weeks in the Candida detox diet.

Fermented foods should also be avoided while on a Candida cleanse as they are associated with yeast activities. Foods like cheese, breads made up of yeast, mushrooms, beverages like beer and tomato paste are the common examples of fermentation products that should be avoided while on a Candida detoxification and cleansing process.

Candida cleanse must maintain the balance of yeast cells. It has been observed that the use of anti-microbial herbs and phytochemicals in the Candida detox diet helps a lot in bringing back this balance. Repetition of two week detox diet plan with one week of break should be followed as the break will not allow the yeasts to develop immunity to the detoxing herbs.

A Candida detox diet also includes drinking or eating foods rich in Probiotics. Yogurt in a detox diet is proven to be of immense help. It is a natural source of lactobacillus acidophilus. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a kind of bacteria which offers great immunity to Candida albicans. Therefore supporting the immune system of the body with introduction of these friendly bacteria should be an integral part of detoxing and cleansing process.

How Long is the Candida Cleanse?

The span of the Candida cleanse depends on the length of time one has had symptoms and the intensity of the symptoms. The general level of health is another important factor in determining how long one must do Candida cleansing. Doing this Candida cleanse annually or twice a year can help to keep low Candida levels, giving you crystal, clearer thinking, enthusiastic feeling, more energy, less health problems in general!

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